Wednesday, March 25, 2015

REVIEW : Wicked Exposure by Katana Collins

Nothing left to hide. . .

A forensic photographer with the NYPD, Jessica is devastated to receive word of her sister's death in a robbery gone awry. But when she arrives home in Portland and the local PD asks her to take pictures, she finds more than she bargained for. With each new photo she exposes more of her sister's secret erotic life. And when she shares her discoveries with Sam, the super sexy local detective, she experiences passion she never knew possible. But Jessica soon learns she's merely a pawn in a deadly game of betrayal and revenge and begins to wonder if her next picture could be her last. . .
Major thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC.

Have to say this book was fucking awesome. It’s rare that I just sink completely into a book but this was a big success. I love when I can get some filthy sex and a real mystery/suspense storyline all in one.

Jessica Walters returns to her old hometown after her older sister, Cassandra is found dead. In the process of gathering Cass belongings, she finds that there may have been a whole different side to her sister that she never really knew.

In comes Dane, who introduces himself as one of Cassandra’s best friends. Jess has a gut feeling that there was more to Dane and Cass than just friends and that Dane isn’t as squeaky clean as he wants to appear, but befriending him may help Jess in figuring out the truth behind Cass sudden death.

This does not sit well with detective Sam McCloskey. He and Jess were once best friends themselves, that is until he left her when she was at her lowest point in her life. Now the two are brought back together through their work and history with Cass.

Old feelings of love and hurt emerge but before that can be settled, another body is found.

This book has it all for me. Some sex with the sweet taste of BDSM, a little murder and a twist. Book closes on a cliffhanger that has me near begging for a rush on part 2.