Monday, March 2, 2015

REVIEW : Need (Need #1) by K.I Lynn & N. Isabelle Blanco


 Sometimes love happens at first sight, even when you’re at an age where you can’t comprehend what it means.
It was just a crush. They were only kids, after all. But what happens when that feeling never goes away?

Brayden and Kira have been neighbors for years, and best friends since they met. They have a connection that is evident to many, and it’s haunted them their whole lives.

Teenage hormones rage, turning their friendship into something neither can handle. The attraction is carnal, all-consuming, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Brayden loses control.

Everything slams to a halt when their single parents decide to get remarried . . . to each other. Bad decisions and broken friendships make living across the hall from the one person you want above all difficult. Luckily for Brayden, it’s only for a few months before he’s off to college in another state, leaving Kira to face high school alone.

Brayden tries to stay away, to forget her, but it’s an impossible task he fails at time and time again. Kira is morphing from a sexy teenager to an irresistible woman, one that knows what she wants and seems hell-bent on getting it.

As Kira’s eighteenth birthday approaches, Brayden has a decision to make. Does he keep running away from the thing he wants the most or does he run toward it?

Is it possible to ever be happy without the one person you need?

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Let me start by saying that I have a soft spot for certain "forbidden" romances. Most of all, I adore friends to lovers and lifelong love stories.

Need is a spectacular mix of it all. It is so fabulously filthy, even when you have to stop and ask yourself, "Should I like this? Is it OK to like this?!". I say that because Brayden and Kira start questioning their relationship at a young age, and that may make some uncomfortable.

I spent a majority of this book wanting to stomp on Brayden's ballsack, and when that feeling would fade a bit, I just wanted to console Kira. I think the authors did a wonderful job of getting into the head of teenagers experiencing their first taste of powerful love. The oversexed mind and supercharged emotions that you have no idea how to control. Brayden and Kira are obsessed with each other and can't handle that their parents have put such a major obstacle in their way.Their decisions are made out of fear and anger and it takes them in different directions. These actions can destroy their future or it can finally give them what they want.

I really enjoyed this and am very interested in the next piece in the story of Kira and Brayden.

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