Wednesday, March 25, 2015

REVIEW : Hate F*@k : The Horus Group Book 2 by Ainsley Booth

RELEASE DATE : March 23, 2015
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s business as usual.

I screwed up, but I can fix this.

This can’t be fixed.

Big ole thanks to NetGalley and Victory Editing for the ARC.

*choir of angels sing*

YES! Finally part two of Hate Fuck has arrived! It is the fuck-awesome continuation of Cole and Hailey’s story.

No surprise that this is equally as great, if not better, than part one. The sex itself is ramped up by like a million degrees of unf. Holy hell just thinking about it, so good, can’t say it enough.

The story continues right where we left off and Hailey is being hit with some nasty and scary realities of Cole’s job. She’s at war with her feelings and doesn’t know what steps to take. Cole is in the same boat but just the thought of being without Hailey is too much for him to handle. His choices aren’t made any easier by his fellowmen of HORUS, who have a more prominent role in this part.

Hailey and Cole try their best to be a normal couple but that doesn’t last very long as a new scandal looms over their heads and its one that may put Hailey front and center. 


Ainsley Booth is just hitting all the high marks with this series. Part three is scheduled for late April. I can feel the tears already.