Tuesday, October 27, 2015

REVIEW: End of Day (Jack & Jill 1) by Jewel E. Ann

RELEASE DATE : August 17, 2015
“I felt like a leaf falling from a tree and he was the wind whispering, I’ve got you.”

Jewel E. Ann SLAYS! I am totally in love with her writing.

Okay so to get things started, the Knight twins formerly Day, are trying to find their place in a new environment both mentally and physically. Book 1 is mainly focused on Jessica/Jillian and her battle to overcome her past. I absolutely love how brutal and beautiful she is as a character.


Like, I cried for her and with her. She is lost and troubled but beneath her tough shell she's just so emotionally broken but she wants to love and she did before it was taken away.

Luke is the lost love and I really hope he figures into future books in a major way. I am super interested in the Jessica and Luke story.

As Jessica had Luke, Jillian has AJ. AJ is equally suffering with his own trauma that just progresses throughout the book at a scary speed.

There are some good bits on Jackson Knight that I hope we get into more because I think he's hilarious and well he kind of ruined Sesame Street for me in the best and weirdest way.

End of Day is intense both emotionally and sexually. It has flashes of crazy explicit violence and action but it's also pretty quirky. The ending though is just an unexpected gut punch and has me ready for more. Book 2 Middle of Knight, is already out and I hoping to grab up a copy ASAP.

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