Tuesday, October 27, 2015

REVIEW: Wicked Lies by Lora Leigh

RELEASE DATE : September 1, 2015
"Something about you just makes me hard as hell."

Now this is the Lora Leigh I love!

I really love second chance stories. Intense plot and great characters and I fell for the mystery right at the start. While it was rather easy to figure out, that didn't stop my enjoyment as the secret was revealed to others. So much emotion was packed into this one as well as mucho alpha male.

Annie and Jazz have an incredible spark of attraction that keeps Jazz wandering just what the little school teacher could be hiding, and boy is she hiding A LOT. After others start questioning just who Annie really is, a bombshell arrives in the form of a DNA test. Everything Jazz has believed for years is a complete lie.

This book has a great buildup of feeling from years gone by but nothing compares to each moment of realization from all the characters involved. 

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