Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NEW RELEASE! - Anything but Broken by Joelle Knox

RELEASE DATE : August 25, 2015
The first in the new series by Joelle Knox (AKA Kit Rocha!)

Short Excerpt
​“Everything has to come together. It’s skill, but it’s also luck. If you’re good enough, you can beat better cars. And if you suck, the best car in the world can’t win you checkered flags. Sometimes you have both, but something happens to fuck it all up—a guy spinning out on the back stretch right in front of you, or a caution that blows your giant lead on second place. When you have all three, though, it’s magical.” — Sean, Anything but Broken

Long Excerpt under the cut


With Brave Wings by Cara Dee
Release Date : August 25, 2015

 Sequel to Breaking Free. Book II of II

What happens once you've broken free?

Sophie Pierce has shed every part of her old life. She has said goodbye to her father, the friends she once partied with, and even the man she may have lost her heart to. Now, it's time for her to spread her wings and become the person she wants to be, and she's more than ready to work for it. But much like the paparazzi Sophie has come to despise, the past will sneak up on her—much sooner than she could've imagined. It's only a matter of months before she learns that her final night in Vancouver was never the end at all. It was the beginning.

When Tennyson Wright lets Sophie go, he knows something has to change. He's lost sight of who he is, and the wakeup call isn't pretty. Deciding to take a page from Sophie's book, he begins a journey of self-discovery, though everything comes to a screeching halt when he learns through the tabloids that the girl he can't stop thinking about is pregnant. 
Their romantic relationship may have ended, but soon their co-parenting responsibilities bring them together to play the Hollywood game by their own rules.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015



Okay so with today being the official release date of American Ultra I figured it was time for my movie review. I was very lucky to not only see this movie once but twice and actually earlier today. Yes I may be addicted to this movie.

Monday, August 17, 2015

REVIEW : Penalty Play (Power Play #3) by Lynda Aicher

RELEASE DATE : August 10, 2015
"Love is a gamble we have no control over."

This series is sports greatness it’s just the honest to goodness truth. I reviewed book 2 of the series last year and that left me a damn mess. Penalty Play continued my emotional destruction. Aicher can seriously pull out the big guns in a hockey series of all things! Kudos.

REVIEW: Take the Fall (Take the Fall #1) by Marquita Valentine

 RELEASE DATE : July 21, 2015
"You're my compass...I'll always follow you back home"
I've been in somewhat of a book slump lately but this book snapped me right out of it. It’s a really beautiful mixture of sweet and steamy. Just straight slays a bitch with feels.

REVIEW: Sweet the Sin (Revenge Saga #1) by Claire Kent

RELEASE DATE : July 7, 2015

Even as I write this review I'm not quite sure of my feelings on it. I didn't hate it and actually believe it got a lot better midway through. Maybe I just didn't like certain aspects of it.