Monday, August 17, 2015

REVIEW : Penalty Play (Power Play #3) by Lynda Aicher

RELEASE DATE : August 10, 2015
"Love is a gamble we have no control over."

This series is sports greatness it’s just the honest to goodness truth. I reviewed book 2 of the series last year and that left me a damn mess. Penalty Play continued my emotional destruction. Aicher can seriously pull out the big guns in a hockey series of all things! Kudos.

Penalty Play deals with Henrik Grenick the Minnesota glaciers defense-man also known to be a bit of the bad boy with a Playboy rep, thankfully there isn't too much of that as we learn more about Henrik’s musical side. Yeah, amazing hockey player who just so happens to play the piano and guitar at an experienced level. A hockey star whose first passion was music until it became a sad memory.

We are then introduced to Jacqui who just so happens to work at a music shop. These two quickly bond over their music appreciation and Henrik senses that there is something very different about this woman. Jacqui isn't a huge hockey fan but her family sure is. When she happens to name drop him to one of her four brothers all of her insecurities race to the front of her mind. What could this guy possibly want with her?

Despite these feelings it becomes clear that there is something deeper between these two and when they both come clean it is quite heartbreaking especially Jacqui who had me completely choked up several times.

Henrik and Jacqui are another star duo in the series and I cannot wait for more.

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