Wednesday, April 1, 2015

REVIEW : Unblocked : Episode Two (Timber Towers Book 2) by Marni Mann

One taste was all it took.
Derek Block demands more.
Frankie Jordan wants to run.
Pleasure complicates business.
But some passion is just too hard to resist.
Things are getting hotter as real estate gets real….

This is Episode Two of the five-episode Timber Towers novella series.
 Major thanks to NetGalley and Booktrope for the ARC. 

I reviewed part one back in February, you can check it here. This story has definitely picked up major steam in just part 2 of 5. 

There isn’t much development on their business side of things but holy shit do Derek and Frankie sign, cross, and dot that personal line. From start to finish it just got hotter and hotter.

I am very much into seeing where their relationship goes and how it messes with their business dealings, because you just know it will. Their scenes are so incredibly dirty and the words that just fall out of Derek’s mouth leave me in a blush.

I will say that I was just a wee bit bothered that a certain act wasn’t played out because when Derek said it, MY BODY WAS SO READY. I hope that matter is remedied in a later part.

That ending though! 

Wow, I did not see that coming and it is just so perfect and I’m ready for part 3.