Tuesday, April 14, 2015

REVIEW: Two Week Turnaround by Geneva Lee

           RELEASE DATE : April 14, 2015
1. Replace Your Vices
There isn't a coked-out celebutant in Hollywood that Sofia King can’t turn around. That is, until her producer father calls in a crazy huge favor... to turn-around the one guy Sofia never wanted to see again.
2. Reduction of Free Time
Actor-out-of-control Isaac Blue is as insanely sexy-hot as ever. The kind of hot that makes a woman toss both inhibitions and panties. All Sofia needs to do is keep Isaac on the straight and narrow until filming wraps up... which means there’s only one way Sofia can keep his attention.
3. One day (night) at a Time
Her plan involves replacing Isaac’s vices with raw, no-holding-back sex. With her.
Sofia tells herself she knows that she’s in control. That in two weeks, Isaac will be a changed man. And then she tells herself that there’s no way she could ever fall for Isaac Blue again...

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Sofia King is called in to fix the reputation of Hollywood bad boy Isaac Blue. Sofia’s father doesn’t seem to care that his daughter and her possible client have a past together. He only wants the best on the job.

Isaac most definitely does not remember the woman who appears at his hotel door, but he does remember the woman she used to be. Fia Maxx, his former co-star and lover and the woman who broke his heart 6 years earlier.

Sofia doesn’t quite see their past in the same way and doesn’t want to consider a future with him but her plan to keep their relationship professional is quickly falling apart. Isaac wants to give them another shot and it looks like he can get Sofia to agree, of course that’s before Sofia learns of the real reason why they didn't last.

This was a short and sexy read. Very fun take on Hollywood and all that drama.

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