Monday, February 16, 2015

REVIEW : Good Boy, Bad Boy by Jane Nin

RELEASE DATE : June 29, 2014

Smarting from a no-show date at the bar, she consoles herself over a drink with a handsome stranger and his scruffy brother. Will she choose the bad boy musician or the suit-and-tie lobbyist?
So I just discovered this gem over on NetGalley and thought it deserved some attention.

Remember the old 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books? Where each chapter gave you a choice on your reading path? Well, Good Boy, Bad Boy is that, but with some extra spice.

Will she choose the goodie Whitford or his brother RJ? Will there be a mystery third? Will she die?

Just kidding on that last one...

or am I?

This was just so creative and well thought out. Gave you a nice amount of different possible endings, each very satisfying. I would definitely love more reads like this.

Some info about the company putting this book out there.

SilkWords LLC is the go-to source for interactive women’s fiction. Blurring the line between fiction and gaming, offers high quality romance and erotica that allows individual readers to choose how stories proceed. Two formats are available: branched fiction ("pick your path") and linear stories that are produced with reader participation. Future phases will focus on development of a SilkWords community by adding more levels of interactivity for both authors and readers. SilkWords is a place for smart, busy, adventurous women to unwind and have fun. To learn more about our unique reading experience, visit


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