Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Block Head : January and February

Now I mentioned very early at the start of this blog, that I would be showing off monthly "blocks". Well today is the start. I've named these fun times, "Block Head"

On the left is January's Arcade Block. The arcade block is always game themed. New games, classic games, unreleased games and the unknown. Its a gamer geeks dream.

The crown jewel of this box for me is a tie between the kick ass Donkey Kong tee, that reads "They See me Rollin', They Hatin'" clever, and the Tetris notebook. I actually saw the Tetris notebook in December's Nerd Block and was so jealous of anyone who scored it. It got so much request that Arcade Block decided to gift it as well.

Also included is the certified product of the month, which is a Halo Ghost Mega Bloks set. Im not a huge Halo fan so that will probably be given to my nephews.

Some really cool Sega buttons with old school characters (SONIC!!), also some very cute gorilla stickers that have some Mortal Kombat characters and Zelda peeps. I really enjoyed the Plants vs Zombies comic. Very funny and the colors are gorgeous.

This was a pretty solid first box for me. Excited for this months block.

On the right is February's Classic Nerd Block. This block is basically anything and everything with a fandom following. TV, movies, games, cartoons, music. Such a winner.

The standout from this block is the absolutely fuck awesome The Flash tee. Such a cool design idea and the color is such a pop!

The certified product of the month is a really cool exclusive Titan vinyl figure from Breaking Bad featuring Saul. Great timing with Better Call Saul just premiering.

Also exclusive is a Star Wars comic. Going to admit, I'm not a big Star Wars fan but it is pretty nice looking.

I'm a stationary junkie, so seeing the drum set stationary was so ace! Actually battling with my dad over it.

Cliccors and Nerd Play cards round out the box. Nice but meh.

If you are interested in either block, you can find them and many others here