Thursday, January 29, 2015

REVIEW : Beautiful Burn by Adriane Leigh

RELEASE DATE : January 13, 2015
I've broken him, bent him, and burned him, and each fevered moment was worth every ounce of pain.
Auburn Lawrence has loved her English teacher, Reed West, since she was sixteen. Through brainstorming stories, reading classic literature, and plenty of fiery banter, they've forged a bond that neither of them expected. Propelled by a chance encounter after her graduation, they discover just how deep their connection runs, but love requires more than chemistry to flourish. They spend three electrifying summer months discovering each other under a veil of forbidden passion and desperate lust before they learn that the unattainable is often destined to remain exactly that. By the time temperatures dip and snowflakes fly, their relationship will face a deep freeze that threatens to snap the bond they thought they shared, shattering their lives one secret at a time. Intended for mature audiences.
 I must say that I was left rather surprised by this book. When reading the summary, you don't expect someone to get emotional over it. I mean, a sexy teacher/student affair? what could possibly bring on the feels? Well it does, or at least it did for me.

Went in thinking, 'oh this will be a quick sexy, smutty teacher/student fantasy read'. NO.

I mean you do get some very dirty scenes but there was more to it in the big scope of it all.

Reed and Auburn reunite during the summer when Reed is teaching a writing course. Auburn is technically no longer his student and she's legal, which smooths out some issues. What it doesn't help, is Reed's failed marriage to his college love Mel. As you can guess, she's a source of frustration and assholery.

She is NOT the biggest issue, however. Auburn and Reed face something far more worse than an evil ex.

The best line for this is probably the classic of "Don't judge a book by its cover". This was definitely more than the hot sheets image it puts out.

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