Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nerd with anxiety says hi

If you've managed to find yourself here, its probably because I've harassed you with various links and lies. I have no shame when behind the keyboard. Beyond that, I'm a typical twenty-something with social anxiety and depression and absolutely no idea what to do with her life. Sounds fun right?

At this exact moment I'm wondering what the fuck I'm doing even starting this. It's 4pm on a Sunday and I just spent the last hour looking for ways to make more money, and wondering what to major in IF I decide to pursue a bachelors degree.


Yeah. Nothing at all.

How did I land here and what is this all about? Well, as you may have figured from a line above, I'm a reader. A very heavy reader. In the last two years, if I go by my Goodreads count, I've gone through at least 200+ books. On the side, I work as a library page and do free book reviews for new writers. I also have a side hobby in graphic design, which was my main area of study until life decided to throw a few curve balls.

Cut to the point, This will be my nerd haven. A place where I will post anything I find to be of nerd value, in my daily experiences. What I read, what I watch, where I go, what I design. I hope to create a fun spot for anyone like me.

Before I go completely off-track, I should mention my use of the word "Nerd". Ever since I was deemed teachers pet in kindergarten straight to freshman year in college, I have been labeled a nerd. This has never bothered me. I'm quite proud of it. It's not just about smarts either. Its a really weird community. Over the years, society has embraced the idea of "the nerd". Whoever thought Comic Con would be as popular as it is?!

Anyway, I hope to get this going within the week. Get a better look for this page. Eesh. I'll probably start with a few book and television reviews.

Oh, that reminds me, SHAMELESS on Showtime at 9pm!