Sunday, January 22, 2017

BOOK REVIEW : Exes by Aria Hawthorne

Title: EXES - A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone
Author: Aria Hawthorne
Release Date: January 3, 2017
Publisher: French Kiss Press, LLC
When Chicago real estate tycoon Harvey Zale pings a “friend of a friend” with a flirtatious text, he never expects to start an addictive sexting affair with a complete stranger. He’s a billionaire who can get any woman he wants, but he can’t have her—his mysterious, sultry Contessa, who inspires his nightly confessions and soothes more than just his conscience from the consequences of his own shallow ambitions.
He’s determined to build the tallest towers in the world and he needs to sell his Chicago riverfront property to finance it. But when Alma Castillo, the Lara Croft of antique hunters, shows up on his land, claiming the existence of a priceless Tiffany stained glass window and doing everything in her power to muck up his deal, he knows he’s got more than a stray cat to collar and tame. She’s not only on a mission to save long-lost antiques; she’s also on a personal crusade to hate his guts.
He would know. She served him divorce papers a year ago, just to prove it.
And he’d care a helluva lot more if his ex-wife’s sassy tongue and wicked intelligence didn’t turn him on every time she called him “a**hole” and if she didn’t look so damn cute in those baggy overalls, disguising her affinity for being naughty as much as being nice.
Perhaps even as naughty as his Contessa, who unlike Alma, doesn’t know anything about his real identity or flawed, billionaire reputation, which flames his desires to escalate their fantasy relationship into the reality of one scorching night of mindblowing...
If he could only get his mind off his ex-wife—the only woman he's ever truly loved. God, woman...if she would just let him pleasure her scornful frown and turn it oh, oh, oooohhhh so upside down, maybe he could convince her to marry him again.
But no one ever said it was easy being a greedy opportunistic billionaire bastard, especially one who happens to know there’s nothing better than makeup sex with an ex…
I am a sucker for second chance romance stories and Exes definitely hit that spot. It has a few flaws which I will get to in a second. I’ll try not to spoil.

I really love Harvey. I think he is a great character and Aria wrote him so well that I could almost feel his emotions coming off the page. I love that Harvey and Alma are a diverse couple and her being Hispanic isn’t a ploy for every word describing “spicy” to be used for her description. Alma’s family actually loves her ex-husband?! HUH? WHAT?


As a matter of fact this respect leads to maybe the funniest scene between Harvey and Alma’s sister and cookies. That’s all I will say. Now the flaws.

I can understand the sexy and secret texting, but after a phone call and “meeting”, how the hell do you not clue up and recognize the familiarity? Maybe it is just me but I would expect a flash or memory. Also Alma, you are so lucky it was Harvey and not an axe murderer because GIRL NO. Lastly, oh how I wish that wasn’t the push to reconcile.

All in all tho, I really loved this read.