Tuesday, October 27, 2015

REVIEW : Anything But Broken by Joelle Knox

RELEASE DATE : August 25, 2015

“God, it’s been a terrible idea the whole time, hasn’t it? What are we even doing?” His smile is slow, but it carries a promise behind it—absolute, unspeakable joy. “Falling in love.” 

Ok just a little background on this. For those that aren't aware this is a new series by the ladies known as Kit Rocha who are behind the ultra-crazy and amazing Beyond series and in my opinion they have struck gold once again. I am a MASSIVE Kit Rocha fangirl so I am doing my best to not just say FUCKING BUY IT!.....but yeah you should totally fucking buy it and everything they put out.

Now writing as Joelle Knox the romance and smut that we have gotten used to is definitely still there but just not as over the top as fans would be used to.

The characters of Hannah Casey and Sean Whitlow were just a little iffy for me. I mean I liked them but I guess they just didn’t suck me in due to a few minor details. The plot however is easily the best part of this story as it deals with issues such as mental health and alcoholism. I appreciated the way the writers went about it. It wasn’t totally in your face but in a way that one can understand and feel where the characters are all coming from.

Back to the minor issue I found while reading this. It would be that the weirdness of moving on with the sister of your now deceased ex-girlfriend wasn't really delved into. There was little to no awkwardness on both sides over that and it left me very confused, especially considering how they all got there.

Besides that I really did enjoy this. I am very happy for these ladies continued success and excited for more.