Thursday, September 3, 2015

REVIEW : Riding Dirty by Jill Sorenson

RELEASE DATE : August 17, 2015
"His technique was as raw and dirty as his kisses."
Holy shit.

This was really fucking good. The plot was crazy and exciting and the sex... 
Oh my dear Lord in heaven I wanted to sin with them.
I guess the only heads up I would give is that the sex gets VERY explicit, which is probably why I loved it so much.

Mia Richards is a psychiatrist who has been part of the witness protection program since her husband was killed years back during a botched home invasion. She gets called in to counsel an ex prisoner and member of the biker club dirty 11. Mia begins to form a plan to avenge her dead husband and thinks she can seduce her client to do her dirty work and take out a rival gang. 

In her head it seems like a brilliant plan that is until she sees Cole Shepherd for the first time. Gone is the faking of any attraction and Mia is at a loss for words, and whatever words she does have aren’t at all professional.

Cole is turning his back on his family and becoming an informant for the FBI to gain his freedom. The upside seems to be the hot psych doctor has a thing for him as he does her.

These two break every single doctor patient role in fan-fucking-tastic form. I was in full blush.
Like every bad boy fling, it all can't last forever and secrets are quickly uncovered that have both on the run. Will they survive their secrets and the hunters out for them, or will they go down in flames as outlaws? 

This was a seriously fire hot read from beginning to end although it loses some sense and steam near the end.