Monday, August 17, 2015

REVIEW: Take the Fall (Take the Fall #1) by Marquita Valentine

 RELEASE DATE : July 21, 2015
"You're my compass...I'll always follow you back home"
I've been in somewhat of a book slump lately but this book snapped me right out of it. It’s a really beautiful mixture of sweet and steamy. Just straight slays a bitch with feels.

Rowan and Seth are two young lovers who are torn apart by terrible circumstances that leave Rowan absolutely in shambles. Seth, so consumed by his love for Rowan, and his loyalty to her her brother Jase, lands himself in prison and then in a stint with the Marines.

It's seven years later and after cutting off all communication with Rowan, Seth is face to face with her at the funeral of his grandmother. Emotions run high and strong between these two as they work out details of dear ole’ granny’s will, and all of the pent up anger and sexual tension explodes in one of the hottest scenes ever to take place in the workplace.

Sex of course solving none of the real problems and it takes a little push from the newly freed Jase for Rowan to finally see that maybe she has to give in and at least listen to Seth's explanation. Unfortunately more misunderstandings get in the way but this book delivers such a beautiful ending.

We close out with a teaser for Jase’s book which I am really looking forward too. He had a nice build up going.