Friday, July 17, 2015

REVIEW: Lawyer Up by Kate Allure

All rise... Three sizzling-hot, deliciously taboo erotic romances to stoke your mood.
Wrongly accused in Attorney-Client Privileges, sexy but innocent Beth has nowhere to turn but straight into the arms of hotshot L.A. lawyer, Jon. Can this attorney manage to get her off in time?
Liza reaches a meeting of the minds-and more-when she unleashes her inhibitions and gives herself over to the primal allure of Main Street lawyer Hawk in Of Unsound Mind and Body.
In Of Writs and Writhing, fearless defense attorney Pat gets more than she bargained for when she goes toe-to-toe with New Orleans' infamous Playboy Judge. When things get heated both in and out of the courtroom, more than temperatures rise.
So this features three separate shorts dealing with lawyers and judges in someway. I wanted to like this because I like the idea and setting but I really wanted to drop it after the opening point of view. It read a bit like bad soft-core porn dialogue. Sucks to be disappointed but here are the story breakdowns.

Attorney-Client Privileges - Beth gets mistaken for a prostitute and is luckily chosen to be the client of lawyer Jon. He doesn't believe she's not a prostitute and makes reference to it every chance he gets. Beth’s life is falling apart with no job, money or apartment so she's suddenly shacked up with the lawyer after a clear up on her now former occupation. The two get humpy and guess what lawyer man's big fantasy is? You guessed it, he'd love a high class escort and a girl so very eager to please. Took me days to finish this one story it was so bleh, mainly because both characters were so dry and almost too stupid to function.

Of Unsound Mind and Body - Liza is in charge of paperwork and handling of her aunts final wishes. Instead of the family lawyer she’s used to dealing with, she gets to his son. Hawk. A hot Hawk. Very nice. The two hit it off very quickly and then hit the sheets. They don't see each other for a month or two and Liza is a little offended when a new person wraps up her case. Of course that is before Hawk and Liza have a little run in and some fun at the airport. The two agree that they like each other and maybe a long distance relationship might work. This one wasn't too bad to be honest and I would have liked this as a full story for more juice.

And finally we end with an actual judge and lawyer in Of Writs and Writhing. However I really didn't love it either. Our Judge has a rep as a ladies man and we have two lady lawyers who hope they can sway him their way. Pat is our leading lady who has very low self esteem and doesn't want to use what sex appeal she may possess in order to win a case, but when she sees who she's up against she gets a full makeover and a serious boost in some confidence. Naughty Judge and lawyer make some personal time as Pat gains a lot in the end.

All in all this was a very basic book with smut talk and a judicial fantasy twist.

 Lawyer Up (Meeting Men) by Kate Allure via @amazon

P.S - Really sorry I was gone so long. Real Life is a bitch sometimes.